La-Z-Boy | Live Life Comfortably


Stress is very prevalent nowadays. Studies show that the main causes of stress are due to money, economy, work, housing cost and job stability. Stress affects us physically and mentally, including our overall wellbeing. 

On average, doctors recommend approximately one hour of reclining and relaxation each day, in conjunction with other healthy behaviors. Sitting at home in a reclining position is a GREAT way to reduce stress. 

Since only La-Z-Boy reclining chairs and sofas are exclusively designed with a seat and back that move together simultaneously, it's the only reclining furniture brand that ensures your back and lumbar region are supported at all times and in all reclining positions. Because of this full lumbar support feature which offers a head-to-heel mechanism, La-Z-Boy is proudly endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association. 

There's no better place to follow doctor's orders than in a comfortable recliner that gives a holistic wellness beyond comfort.