La-Z-Boy Reclina-Way Wall Recliners

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    New Stylish Recliners to Maximize Your Space

    Introducing La-Z-Boy’s new space saving recliner collection, the Reclina-Way Wall Recliners. This new recliner collection brings a fresh style of comfort to any space at home.

    We can all agree that today's homes and rooms don't have as much space for their furniture, and for recliners you may be worried about not having enough space to recline.

    With our La-Z-Boy Reclina-Way Wall Recliners you can incorporate both stylish and space saving reclining comfort into your home. Its enhanced function offers optimal space saving comfort. You can place this recliner as close as 6 inches away from the wall and still fully recline.

        This leather wall recliner collection comes with a metal base that allows only minimal movement when sitting down. For added elegance, it comes with the stylish and ergonomic Arc Handle.

    Enjoy these La-Z-boy Exclusive Advantages on our Wall Recliners:

    • Space-saving reclining comfort ( 6 inches away from the wall)
    • Independent Reclining Action – recline the backrest with or without the use of the footrest
    • Full body lumbar support in all-natural reclining comfort positions
    • Secure 3 positions varying height locking footrest for safety and support
    • Adjustable Reclining Tension – people come in different sizes and strengths. Customize your backrest tension for maximum comfort.
    • Solid 4-sided frame
    • Locking, removable back for easy transport
    4 products
    Smoke (C143258) Ash (C143263) Mocha (B145178) Godiva (B160479)
    ROWAN iClean Wall Recliner
    Antique (B160662) Charcoal (B156458) Sable (C143078)
    SHANNON iClean Wall Recliner
    Charcoal (B165152) Charcoal (C165456) Granite (C165465)
    STANLEY Conserve Wall Recliner
    Charcoal (B165152) Indigo (B165186) Saffron (B165115)
    JAY Conserve Wall Recliner
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