Glider Recliners

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    For pregnant moms, challenges are present like soreness, swelling feet and pregnancy-induced back pain. Similarly, child care and breastfeeding may cause aching joints and lack of sleep. Let Mom experience the comfort she deserves and relieve some stress with La-Z-Boy.

    9 products
    Ceramic (B178533) Midnight (B178586)
    PINNACLE Antimicrobial Swivel Reclina-Glider Recliner
    Ash (C143263) Mocha (B145178) Stone (C532451)
    HARBOR TOWN iClean Reclina-Glider Recliner
    Midnight Ceramic (B178533) Platinum (B178553)
    JAMES Antimicrobial Reclina-Glider Recliner
    Charcoal (B156458) Sable (C143078)) Stone (C532451)
    JAMES iClean Reclina-Glider Recliner
    Smoke (C143258) Barley (C142974) Petrol (C142984)
    PINNACLE iClean Reclina-Glider Recliner
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