Product Information

Operating your La-Z-Boy rocking recliner for maximum comfort

Rocker Recliner

  • Rocking : La-Z-Boy rocking recliner are engineered and designed to be reclined and rocked, supports the ergonomic and physical movements appropriately to meet the maximum comfort.
  • Footrest Adjustment : can be adjusted to all 3 positions. By adjusting the side handle, simply pull backward until you hear a "click" indicating the adjustment to position 1, pull backwards slowly to adjust to position 2 and 3. To keep the footrest, you must first adjust position 3 (highest position) and then push the handle back to front.
    When the footrest is lifted, the rocker system operation will not work.
  • Adjustment of the backrest's tension : Can be adjusted the tension manually to suit the weight of each user by adjusting the wing nuts on both sides under the recliner.
    The wing nuts are easily adjusted by hand and require no tools. (Tighten the wing nuts if the user is overweight or loose the wing nuts if the user is underweight)
  • Reclining : Using body pressure, tilt the recliner back to your preferred position. The recliner will automatically stay in the position where you choose to settle.
  • 54 levels of comfort adjustment : the backrest operates independently from the footrest. We can adjust the backrest to 18 positions and adjust the footrest to 3 positions, allowing the user to choose the desired comfort level up to 54 levels. In addition, the backrest works in conjunction with the cushions while reclining to help support the lower back (lumbar), allowing the user to sit in a comfortable position and without back pain.