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    Introducing duo by La-Z-Boy.  

            A revolutionary new line of sofas, sectionals, loveseats and chairs. Duo combines standout style with the unexpected power to recline. GOOD DESIGN, the most prestigious program to award design excellence worldwide, has recognise duo for both innovation and design. Even when placed inches from a wall duo reclines with ease. Upgrade to our Go Cordless battery pack to place duo virtually anywhere in a room without the need for an electrical outlet. Plus, stay connected with built-in USB ports. La-Z-Boy is redefining comfort again. 

            Understated the style and unexpected power describe by La-z- Boy  duo, with a range of modern furniture types that includes sectionals, sofas, loveseats, chair, and all with a power to recline. La-Z-Boy Duo furniture can be placed anywhere in the home, including against the wall for what we call "zero wall proximity!" Duo reclines easily and saves room. To recline and lift the leg rests, simply use the side-mounted 2-button control panels. Charge your phone or tablet with the built-in USB ports.

    4-button mounted controller with USB

    Place the DUO inches from a wall and still recline

    Unmatched sitting comfort with La-Z-Boy’s Comfort Core

    The Makenna has a modern edge with clean lines, dipped track arms, welt detail and rich wood legs.

    Bennett With rolled cigar arms, a subtly scalloped back, our Bennett boasts details you might consider more refined than relaxed

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