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    Welcome to the Future of Reclining Meet the next generation of power recliners, combining exclusive La-Z-Boy rocker recliner features with smooth, effortless operation. The latest innovation in reclining, the new Power Recline XR gives you customized movement for the ultimate seating comfort. An easy-to-use remote lets you raise and lower the back and leg rest independently or together in any combination of relaxing positions for personalized comfort.

    Adjust the CHAIR BACK to any angle from upright to laid back comfortable

    Raise or lower the LEGREST with or without the back reclined

    Adjust BOTH the back and legrest together to customize your comfort


    Independent operating back and leg rest 
    The new Power Recline XR features two dedicated motors, with one motor controlling the chair back; the other motor controlling the leg rest

    Self-adjusting seat to back angle 
    Patented La-Z-Boy mechanism automatically adjusts the tilt of the chair base for comfort and support in all positions.

    Easy-to-use remote 
    Hand-held remote lets you control the back and leg rest elevation in incremental levels for the most reclining positions.

    Leg rest safety feature 
    Designed with safety in mind, the Power Recline XR leg rest will not close when encountering an object in its path.

    Smooth rocking motion 
    Lean back and relax with smooth rocking motion - a feature you've come to appreciate from genuine La-Z-Boy rocker recliners.

    Battery Backup 
    To protect against power failures, a battery back-up returns the chair to the upright position in the event of a power outage.

    Elevate Your Power Reclining Experience with the Power Recliner XR+, XrW and Platinum Lift

    The latest innovation, PowerReclineXR+ gives you all the benefits and customized movement of PowerReclineXR, but takes your comfort to the next level with the Power-Tilt Headrest and Power Lumbar.

    16 products
    Mocha (B145178) Petrol (C142984) Merlot (C142608)
    PINNACLE Platinum Luxury Lift Power Recliner
    Black (SL714850) Mocca (SL714877) Pebble (SL714857) Storm (SL714854) +1
    GREYSON Power XR Rocker Recliner
    Lead (C142957) Sable (C143078) Navy (B145188)
    ASTOR Platinum Luxury Lift Power Recliner
    Black (SL714850) Mocca (SL714877) Pebble (SL714857) Mushroom (SL714838) +1
    PINNACLE Power XR Rocker Recliner
    Black (SL714850) Mocca (SL714877) Pebble (SL714857) Mushroom (SL714838) +1
    DREAMTIME Power XR Rocker Recliner
    Pebble (SL714857) Black (SL714850) Mocca (SL714877)
    DREAMTIME Power XR+ Rocker Recliner With Side Control Panel
    Ash (C143263) Stone (C532451) Mocha (B145178)
    ETHAN Platinum Luxury Lift Power Recliner
    Smoke (SL714855) Stone (SL714834) Black (SL714850)
    PINNACLE Power Recline XRW Full Reclining Loveseat
    Black (SL714850) Smoke (SL714855) Fango (SL714872)
    DREAMTIME Power Recline XRW Full Reclining Loveseat
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